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Are you indie VR developer?

Working on an project with multitude of features to be implemented? Getting new stuff in, old bugs squashed, automatic tests sorted out?

That's me.

Already have good idea what you want developed?

It's all there in your head, right? Just need to get it out and into code. Bit of testing, polishing up and you're done.

Yeah, that's right!

But... Do you have time to do it?

You've got the skills to do it yourself, just no time...

Does that sound familiar?

It does.

Bespoke Tools tailored to Your needs

I'm working with developers like yourself to help them build VR experiences.

You tell me what feature / functionality you need and I'll work on the parts that you have no time to finish.

And it won't cost you and arm and a leg!

Flexible Pricing - Reusable Assets

We'll work together to isolate reusable parts of the features you need. I'll get them build and sell to you as an asset for a fraction of a price.

Of course for that to work the asset will remain mine and I'll be looking to sell it to more people.

Have a look what I've built for other developers.

Don't feel like sharing? Bespoke Assets

Nothing wrong with wanting to have full ownership of produced code.

You'll get required components as a reusable asset. Build just for you and fully owned by you.

Need even more bespoke than that?

Expert Advice

You'll get a fresh pair of eyes on your project and another pair of hands to get it finished.

I can provide best value in functionality / coding part of your work. Art work is best left for artists!

Have a look at open-source projects to give you an idea about my work.

Tailored, Hassle-Free Solution

Products are designed, developed and tested based on your needs and requirements, delivered in the form of a reusable asset with complete documentation.

Solution fitting for your challenge!

Outstanding Support

You'll get all the help you need to get it integrated with your project.

Bugs will be fixed in timely manner.

Support always comes as a priority.

Do you need a hand with your VR project? We'd be happy to help!

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Client's Feedback

See what people say about our work

  • Björn Syse

    (5 out of 5) Well written natural extension to generic VR frameworks. A well written and natural extension towards a richer interaction toolbox than what is found by default in common interaction frameworks like VRTK etc. Plugs into Tilia/VRTK or others agnostically. Code is solid.

    Björn Syse / Industrial Designer / VR Developer / CG Artist

    (5 out of 5) Great asset for custom solutions!

    Great asset, suitable for custom solutions.
    We needed the asset to implement it in our VR industrial maintenance simulator and this asset turned out to be the perfect fit for that purpose.
    Timely and relevant support. The developer responded to our queries very quickly and helped to adapt the asset to our application.

    AlexDP85 / VR Developer

  • (5 out of 5) Great asset and support! Once you get familiar with the setup, the asset works like a charm. Using it with Unity 2019.4 URP and XR Interaction Toolkit to make a VR game for Oculus Quest. Also Chris is doing a super job in supporting while setup, even changed his scripts quickly to adjust it to my needs. Totally recommend the asset for VR Tool interaction!

    CRLN / VR Developer

    (5 out of 5) Really great asset and even better dev! At first it wasn't working at all, needed some tweaking that I couldn't do on my own. I mailed dev, he responed within 2-3 hours with some suggestions. Wasn't working perfectly, but it was better than at the beginning. After weekend I received mail with brand new scripts that fixed problems and it's working like a charm!

    Worth every single penny. Needs some tweaking and have some learning curve, but it have elements that no other VR solution have on Asset Store. Trust me, tried almost all of them.

    pixeloved / VR Developer

  • ProtoPottyGames

    (5 out of 5) Very cool... This is really a nice setup for handling inventory in VR. Certainly the best way I have found so far for my current project. I found it to be a rather smooth system and it's neat that it doesn't necessarily need to be used with a backpack specifically to still make sense. Also for what it does I see the price as honestly being quite modest. The only thing I found to be a bit odd was the backpack model itself having an HDRP shader. It seems to me that it would make more sense to just have the shader be standard so you could automatically upgrade it to whatever shader you want depending on the pipeline you're using. No points lost for that given that it's as simple as adding a Built-In/URP/LWRP/Custom/whatever shader to use with your chosen render pipeline whatever it may be.

    ProtoPottyGames / Game Developer

    (5 out of 5) Good Inventory Asset. A very good and easy to understand asset. If you are looking for an inventory for VR, go for it. It is easy to integrate and runs very well.

    EN_Games / Game Developer / Level Designer (3D/2D)

    EN Games
  • (5 out of 5) Perfect Asset VR. The asset is perfect and Support is fast. Thanks

    Robson_Eng / VR Developer

    (5 out of 5) Best VR inventory in the store. The systems work well and has super fast support!

    doggoPriest / Game Developer

  • Romirez1

    (5 out of 5) Best asset to have. Good response and easy to use. Documentation is well written and if you have some question they will be sorted quickly.

    Romirez1 / Game Developer

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