Fast Script Reload

1. Play 2. Make change 3. See results


Iterate on code insanely fast without breaking play session

Are you tired of waiting for full domain-reload and script compilation every time you make a small code change?

Me too.

Tool will automatically compile only what you've changed and immediately hot-reload that into current play session.

Iterate on whatever you're working on without reentering play mode over and over again.

Works with any code editor.


  • Import
  • Play
  • Make Code Change
  • See results

It's that simple!

Hot-Reload in development build (on device)

You can use add-on to this tool: Live Script Reload to create builds (Standalone / android) which will allow you to use Hot-Reload functionality in builds.

Iterate quickly on deployed Android APK / standalone windows build.

One-off custom code executions on Hot-Reload

When you need to set the stage to test your feature out.

Add following methods to changed script:

void OnScriptHotReload()
    //do whatever you want to do with access to instance via 'this'
static void OnScriptHotReloadNoInstance()
    //do whatever you want to do without instance
    //useful if you've added brand new type
    //or want to simply execute some code without |any instance created.
    //Like reload scene, call test function etc


It's a development tool, you're not supposed to ship with it! :)

Your app performance won't be affected in any meaningful way though.
Biggest bit is additional memory used for your re-compiled code.
Won't be visuble unless you make 100s of changes in same play-session.

Supports (Tested)

  • Unity 2019.3
  • Unity 2020.3
  • Unity 2021.3
  • Unity 2022.2


  • Add debugger support for hot-reloaded scripts
  • Better compiler support to work around limitations

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