Transform Changes Debugger

Any change, any transform, any frame



View all Transform Changes in an intuitive node-graph on a frame-by-frame basis

  • Any change, any transform, any frame - displayed in an easy to navigate node-graph with powerful GUI that'll enable you to quickly identify hard to find transform issues.
  • No more guessing in your debugging process - every change will be recorded and displayed, you'll quickly get information about:

    Game Object that initiated change (eg. Mover-01), Script and Method name, New Value, Actual method Call and method arguments that caused the change

Replay changes in Game/Scene View

  • Not only you can view and inspect changes in a friendly manner - you can go one step further and REPLAY them directly in Scene/Game view with a single click.
  • This means you don't have to focus on raw numbers you can simply and visually inspect suspicious changes and directly see if they cause the issue you're trying to find.

Quickly identify and Temporaliry Disable specific Transform Modifiers to find the one that's causing issues

  • Tool groups changes by originating Game-Object-instance / Script and Method-name into Transform Modifiers
  • This makes it easy for you to see at a glance which code is affecting the object in current frame-range
  • It also allows you to quickly turn them on/off via checkbox directly from gui with NO compilation needed!
  • You can now instantly turn them off one by one and see in Game/Scene view how your tracked object is affected
  • With that approach, it'll only take you few moments (instead of sometimes a few hours) to pinpoint that hard to find code that's causing the issue

Very Simple Setup

  • Import the asset
  • Add 'TrackTransformChanges' script to objects you want to be tracked
  • Hit play

Well documented API allows you to extend beyond what I thought of

  • GUI is built on top of API that's well documented and allows you to programmatically:
  • Track specific transform changes
  • Skip changes based on passed predicate/s
  • Access changes data structures that can be grouped by object / frame / TransformModifier

Coming Soon

  • Physics originating changes - gravity / rigidbody movements (say via AddForce())
  • Changes made outside of the main thread
  • Methods changing more than a single transform property, eg 'SetPositionAndRotation'
  • improved Reply/Preview GUI for easier navigation

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